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                           Opportunity for Students

       Dipartimento di   Fisica/Department of Physics


Tesi Esterna Magistrale/Master External Thesis

Fondazione CNAO
Strada Campeggi 53, 27100 Pavia

Validation of a new database for carbon ions therapy

The core of the master thesis project will be the validation of a new database for carbon ions to be applied in clinical practice. The candidate will quantify dose variations determined by the use of new dosimetric measurements and different fragmentation spectra in the treatment planning system. The impact of a new research beam model, including tri-chrome fluence and nuclear interaction corrections, on clinical carbon-ion plans will be the second part of the study. Willing to learn Python/Matlab fundamentals to adapt/modify scripts for plan management is a plus.

Referente/Contact Person:
Alessandro Vai

Referente Interno/Local Contact Person:
Ivan Veronese
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